107 f(-p1)+f(-p2) Z(3*(ν(p3)+ν(p4)))+H(W+(ν(p5),e+(p6))W-(e-(p7),ν(p8)))

107.1 ZH production, processes 101–110

These processes represent the production of a Z boson (or virtual photon) in association with a Standard Model Higgs boson that decays into a bottom quark pair (nproc=101-103), or decays into a pair of photons (nproc=104-105) or a pair of W bosons (nproc=106-108), or a pair of Z bosons (nproc=109), or a pair of τ’s (nproc=110).

The Z subsequently decays into either an e+e- pair (nproc=101, 106, 109), neutrinos (nproc=102, 107) or a bottom quark pair (nproc=103, 108). The calculation may be performed at NLO, although radiation from the bottom quarks in the decay of the Higgs (or the Z, for processes 103, 108) is not included. Radiation from the bottom quarks in the decay of the Higgs is included in (nproc=1010).

When removebr is true in processes 101, 106, 109, neither the Z boson nor the Higgs decays.

For more information on this process see refs. [123]. NLO calculations can be performed by subtraction, zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing. NNLO calculations can be performed by zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing.

107.2 Plotter

nplotter_auto.f is the default plotting routine.

107.3 Example input and output file(s)

input107.ini process107.out


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