157 f(-p1) + f(-p2) t(p3)t(p4)

,for total Xsect

157.1 QQ production, processes 157–159

These processes are calculable at leading LO and next-to-leading order NLO. These processes calculate the production of heavy quarks (157 for top, 158 for bottom and 159 for charm) up to NLO using the matrix elements of ref. [1]. No decays are included.

157.2 Plotter

nplotter_tt_tot.f is the default plotting routine.

157.3 Example input and output file(s)

input157.ini process157.out


[1]    P. Nason, S. Dawson and R.K. Ellis, The Total Cross-Section for the Production of Heavy Quarks in Hadronic Collisions, Nucl. Phys. B303 (1988) 607.