168 f(-p1) + f(-p2) t(e-(p3) + ν(p4) + b(p5)) + q(p6)

,t-channelmb > 0

168.1 Single-top-quark production and decay at NNLO, process 1650

This calculation is based on ref. [1]. This process constitutes the real correction needed for the complete NNLO order calculation. In other words it is the plus-one-jet process evaluated at NLO.

168.2 Plotter

nplotter_auto.f is the default plotting routine.

168.3 Example input and output file(s)

input168.ini process168.out


[1]    J. Campbell, T. Neumann and Z. Sullivan, Single-top-quark production in the t-channel at NNLO, JHEP 02 (2021) 040 [2012.01574].