215 f(-p1) + f(-p2) H(γ(p3) + γ(p4)) + f(p5) + f(p6)


215.1 Higgs production via WBF, processes 211–217

These processes provide predictions for the production of a Higgs boson in association with two jets via weak-boson fusion (WBF). The Higgs boson subsequently decays to either a pair of bottom quarks (processes 211, 216), to a pair of tau’s (212, 217), to a pair of W bosons (213), to a pair of Z bosons (214), or to a pair of photons (215). For more details on this calculation, please see Ref. [1].

Calculations can be performed up to NLO for processes 211215. In addition to this, processes 216 and 217 provide the lowest order calculation of the WBF reaction which radiates an additional jet.

When removebr is true, the Higgs boson does not decay.

215.2 Plotter

nplotter_auto.f is the default plotting routine.

215.3 Example input and output file(s)

input215.ini process215.out


[1]    E.L. Berger and J.M. Campbell, Higgs boson production in weak boson fusion at next-to-leading order, Phys. Rev. D 70 (2004) 073011 [hep-ph/0403194].