252 f(-p1)+f(-p2) W+(ν(p3)+e+(p4))+W+(ν(p5)+e+(p6))+f(p7)+f(p8)+f(p9)

252.1 W+W++jets production, processes 251,252

These processes represent the production of two W+ bosons in association with two (process 251) or three (process 252) jets. The lowest order at which two positively charged W bosons can be produced is with two jets. This process is only implemented for leptonic decays of the W particles. The calculation is available at LO only. The calculation and code are from ref. [1]. removebr is not implemented and has no effect.

252.2 Plotter

is the default plotting routine.

252.3 Example input and output file(s)

input252.ini process252.out


[1]    T. Melia, K. Melnikov, R. Rontsch and G. Zanderighi, Next-to-leading order QCD predictions for W+W+jj production at the LHC, JHEP 12 (2010) 053 [1007.5313].