403 f(-p1) + f(-p2) W+(ν(p3) + e+(p4)) + b(p5) + b(p6), (2 or 3 jets, 4FNS)

403.1 W + Q production in the 4FNS, processes 401–408

These processes represent the production of a W boson and one or more jets, at least one of which is a b-quark, calculated in the 4-flavour number scheme (4FNS). This implies that contributions that explicitly contain a b-quark in the initial state are not included. These processes all use the same matrix elements as processes 20 and 25 (see section ??), but make different cuts on the final state. The final state is specified by the process number and the value of the flag inclusive, as shown in Table 1. An additional flag is hard-coded into the file src/Cuts/filterWbbmas.f to control the inclusion of the 3-jet configuration, (b,b,j) when inclusive is set to .true.. By default, the statement veto3jets = .false. is included in this file. If this flag is set to .true. then the (b,b,j) contribution is not included in processes 401, 402, 406, 407.

Process (W+/W-)inclusive=.false. inclusive=.true.

401/406 (b) or (b) + (b,b) or (b,j) or (b,j)
402/407 (B) + (B,j)
403/408 (b,b) (no extra configurations)

Table 1: The different final states allowed in the calculation of processes 401–408. A jet containing both b and b quarks is denoted by B and a light (quark or gluon) jet by j. The inclusive (right-hand) column also allows the final states in the exclusive (middle) column.

As usual, jets may be unobserved as a result of them falling outside the pT and rapidity ranges specified in the input file. In addition, the number of jets may be different from the number of partons in the matrix element calculation as a result of merging in the jet algorithm.

403.2 Plotter

nplotter_Wbbmas.f is the default plotting routine.

403.3 Example input and output file(s)

input403.ini process403.out