411 f(-p1) + b(-p2) W+(ν(p3) + e+(p4)) + b(p5) + f(p6), (5FNS)

411.1 W + Q production in the 5FNS, processes 411, 416

These processes represent production of a W boson in association with a b-jet, computed in the 5-flavour number scheme, i.e. a b-quark is present in the initial state. The lowest order processes are the same as in processes 311, 316. The results at NLO are not physical cross sections since part of the corrections are not included in order to avoid double-counting with the 4FNS process (processes 401 and 406). To obtain combined 4FNS+5FNS predictions, the user should select process 421 (W+) or 426 (W-).

411.2 Plotter

nplotter_Wbbmas.f is the default plotting routine.

411.3 Example input and output file(s)

input411.ini process411.out