6 f(-p1) + f(-p2) W-(e-(p3) + ν(p4))

6.1 W-boson production, processes 1,6

These processes represent the production of a W boson which subsequently decays leptonically. This process can be calculated at LO, NLO, and NNLO. NLO calculations can be performed by dipole subtraction, zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing. NNLO calculations can be performed by zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing.

When removebr is true, the W boson does not decay.

Input files for these 6 possibilities, as used plots for ’Non-local slicing approaches for NNLO QCD in MCFM’, ref. [1] are given in the link below.

6.2 Input files as used for NNLO studies, ref. [1]

6.3 Input file for transverse momentum resummed cross-sections, ref. [2]

6.4 Input files for jet-vetoed cross-sections, ref. [3]

6.5 Plotter

nplotter_W_only.f is the default plotting routine.

6.6 Example input and output file(s)

input6.ini process6.out


[1]    J.M. Campbell, R.K. Ellis and S. Seth, Non-local slicing approaches for NNLO QCD in MCFM, 2202.07738.

[2]    T. Becher and T. Neumann, Fiducial qT resummation of color-singlet processes at N3LL+NNLO, JHEP 03 (2021) 199 [2009.11437].

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