900 f(-p1) + f(-p2) (W+ + W-)H(τ-(p5) + τ+(p6))

900.1 WH production, processes 91-100, 900

This process can be calculated at LO, NLO, and NNLO. These processes represent the production of a W boson which subsequently decays leptonically, in association with a Standard Model Higgs boson that decays into a tau pair (nproc=91, 96), decays into a b-quark pair (nproc=92, 97), a pair of photons (nproc=93, 98), or a pair of W-bosons (nproc=94, 99), a pair of Z bosons (nproc=95, 100). Note that in the cases of Higgs decay to W,(Z) pairs, below the W,(Z) pair threshold one of the W,(Z) bosons is virtual and therefore one must set zerowidth=.false.. The calculation may be performed at NNLO for these processes.

Radiation from the bottom quarks in the decay, an NLO effect, is included in (nproc=920, 970). nproc=900 may be used to compute the sum over both W charges in one run (with the decay products 3 and 4 representing lepton and antilepton respectively). This sum is performed by adjustng the CKM matrix to allow both charges of the W boson.

When removebr is .true., neither the W boson nor the Higgs decays.

For more information on this process see refs. [123]. NLO calculations can be performed by subtraction, zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing. NNLO calculations can be performed by zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing. Input files for these 6 possibilities are given in the link below.

900.2 Input files for non-local subtraction ref. [3]

900.3 Plotter

nplotter_auto.f is the default plotting routine.

900.4 Example input and output file(s)

input900.ini process900.out


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