MCFM - Monte Carlo for FeMtobarn processes

Authors: John Campbell, Keith Ellis, Walter Giele, Tobias Neumann, Ciaran Williams.

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This is the homepage for the parton-level Monte Carlo program MCFM. The program is designed to calculate cross-sections for various femtobarn-level processes at hadron-hadron colliders. For most processes, matrix elements are included at next-to-leading order and incorporate full spin correlations. Some processes are also available at next-to-next-to-leading order in QCD and/or can account for next-to-leading order weak effects. For more details, including a list of available processes, view the documentation (PDF).


The source is available as a tar'ed and gzip'ed package, which extracts into a directory called MCFM. The source can be initialized by running the Install (or Install_noomp, for a no-OMP build in version <=8.0) command and then compiled with make, (after, in the no-OMP case, editing the makefile to set USEOMP to NO). The code has been developed and tested under Redhat Linux and Mac OSX, using the compiler gfortran. Note that, as of version 6.0, the code requires a Fortran90 compiler. Please report any compilation problems for versions <=8.0, under other operating systems, to the authors. Version 8.1 of the code requires and only supports the GNU compiler collection with at least version 4.9 including the C++11 compiler g++ and the Fortran compiler gfortran.

Execution should be carried out in the Bin directory, whilst some documentation (for example, instructions regarding the format for the input file) can be found in Doc.

MCFM-8.2.tar.gz (NEW! released February 8th, 2018)

New in version 8.2:

MCFM-8.1.tar.gz (released December 19th, 2017)

New in version 8.1:

MCFM-8.0.tar.gz (released May 25th, 2016; updated June 2nd to fix MMHT implementation)

New in version 8.0:

MCFM-7.0.1.tar.gz (released October 29th, 2015)

MCFM-7.0.tar.gz (released March 21st, 2015; updated June 11 for gfortran 4.9)



The papers describing the original code and the most significant developments in the NLO implementation are: As of version 8.0, MCFM can also compute selected color-singlet processes through NNLO in QCD perturbation theory. When using MCFM-8.0 for NNLO calculations please refer to:


The following plots, of cross sections at past, current and potential future hadron colliders, have been prepared using MCFM. Click on the plots to download a pdf version of them.
Cross sections vs. energy Rates at Tevatron and LHC

Older versions

MCFM-6.7.tar.gz (December 6th, 2013)

MCFM-6.6.tar.gz (April 1st, 2013)

MCFM-6.5.tar.gz (March 5th, 2013)

mcfm-6.4.tar.gz (December 22nd, 2012)

mcfm-6.3.tar.gz (August 10th, 2012)

mcfm-6.2.tar.gz (April 10th, 2012)

mcfm-6.1.tar.gz (October 19th, 2011)

mcfm-6.0.tar.gz (May 2nd, 2011)

mcfm-5.8.tar.gz (April 9th, 2010)

mcfm-5.7.tar.gz (January 22nd, 2010)

mcfm-5.6.tar.gz (July 31st, 2009)

mcfm-5.5.tar.gz (June 5th, 2009)

mcfm-5.4.tar.gz (March 12th, 2009)

mcfm-5.3.tar.gz (October 21st, 2008)

mcfm-5.2.tar.gz (July 12th, 2007)

mcfm-5.1.tar.gz (June 1st, 2006)

mcfm-5.0.tar.gz (April 25th, 2006)

mcfm-4.1.tar.gz (January 17th, 2005)

mcfm-4.0.tar.gz (October 15th, 2004)
Major revision of the code, which now includes single top processes.

mcfm-3.4.5.tar.gz (December 23rd, 2003)
Minor update, addition of LO WW production with no polarization info, process 64.

mcfm-3.4.4.tar.gz (September 3rd, 2003)
Minor update, mostly cosmetic changes.

mcfm-3.4.3.tar.gz (July 2nd, 2003)
Bug fixes for input files using the 'tota' option at NLO.

mcfm-3.4.2.tar.gz (June 6th, 2003)
Further minor improvements over version 3.4.1.

mcfm-3.4.1.tar.gz (May 29th, 2003)
Minor improvements over version 3.4.

mcfm-3.4.tar.gz (April 24th, 2003)
Version 3.4 contains a number of new Higgs production processes
at next-to-leading order.

mcfm-3.2.tar.gz (October 1st, 2002)

mcfm-2.1.tar.gz (December 14th, 2001)
An old version, maintained for historical value only.

An old version, maintained for historical value only.

A number of packages can be linked to MCFM, if the user desires: The default behaviour of the code is to produce histograms in Topdrawer format. Executables for Topdrawer on Linux and Mac OSX, together with documentation for the Topdrawer system, can be found here.

When running with the native PDF routines of MCFM, additional input files may be necessary and can be obtained from the relevant collaboration:

Six gluon amplitudes

In the course of preparing e-Print Archive: hep-ph/0602185, we coded various analytic one-loop results for the six gluon amplitudes. The fortran programs are given here.

Higgs + 4 parton amplitudes

In the course of preparing e-Print Archive: arXiv: 0910.4481 [hep-ph], we coded the analytic one-loop results for the Higgs + 4 parton amplitudes. The fortran programs are given here (updated 12/19/2012).


For other NLO codes of a similar nature see:

For tree graph codes for many processes see:

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