Chapter 8
NNLO using non-local subtraction

We have performed NLO and NNLO calculations for the production of color singlet bosons using different methods and published the results in ref. [21]. NLO calculations can performed by three methods, (subtraction, zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing. NNLO calculations can be performed by zero-jettiness slicing and qT-slicing.

8.1 Benchmark results at NNLO

We have included a suite of input files that have been set up to showcase all color-singlet processes that may be computed up to NNLO, located in:


or accessible via the process web-pages, (linked in the table below) These files reproduce the results presented in Ref. [21]. A list of the processes, input files and results (NNLO coefficient and running time) is shown in Table 8.1.

Final state input file precision δNNLO Time (CPU days)
H input_H_qt.ini 0.01 10.13(0.09)pb 2.18
input_H_scet.ini 10.09(0.09)pb 4.07
Z input_Z_qt.ini 0.05 -388(20)pb 313
input_Z_scet.ini -371(18)pb 261
W input_W-_qt.ini 0.03 -667(20)pb 268
input_W-_scet.ini -624(19)pb 213
W+ input_W+_qt.ini 0.06 -358(21)pb 556
input_W+_scet.ini -275(16)pb 555
ZH input_ZH_qt.ini 0.01 65.9(0.6)fb 19.4
input_ZH_scet.ini 67.4(0.6)fb 19.1
WH + W+H input_WH_qt.ini 0.01 29.7(0.3)fb 271
input_WH_scet.ini 29.4(0.3)fb 281
ee+γ input_eexa_qt.ini 0.03 133.8(4.0)fb 183
input_eexa_scet.ini 128.7(3.8)fb 203
eν¯eγ input_enexa_qt.ini 0.01 389.8(3.9)fb 26.1
input_enexa_scet.ini 371.7(3.6)fb 50.0
νee+γ input_neexa_qt.ini 0.01 488.0(4.8)fb 29.1
input_neexa_scet.ini 461.7(4.6)fb 47.1
γγ input_aa_qt.ini 0.01 13.98(0.13)pb 1.08
input_aa_scet.ini 14.17(0.14)pb 0.92
eμ+ν¯eνμ input_emxnexnm_qt.ini 0.015 21.2(0.3)fb 325
input_emxnexnm_scet.ini 21.6(0.3)fb 319
eν¯eμμ+ input_enexmmx_qt.ini 0.01 2.23(0.02)fb 82.7
input_enexmmx_scet.ini 2.25(0.02)fb 76.6
ν¯e+μμ+ input_neexmmx_qt.ini 0.01 3.13(0.03)fb 124
input_neexmmx_scet.ini 3.14(0.03)fb 121
ee+μμ+ input_eexmmx_qt.ini 0.01 2.99(0.03)fb 54.2
input_eexmmx_scet.ini 3.03(0.03)fb 76.1
Table 8.1: Results have been obtained when requiring the given precision (precisiongoal in the input file) on the calculation of the NNLO coefficient (δNNLO).