Chapter 1
Overview of MCFM

MCFM is a parton-level Monte Carlo program that gives predictions for a wide range of processes at hadron colliders. Almost all processes are available at NLO, but some processes are also available at NNLO or N3LO in QCD. The calculation of some processes can also account for NLO electroweak effects. Transverse momentum and jet veto resummation is available for the production of color singlet final states. Please look at the list of available processes. Thanks to htlatex this document is available as a series of webpages and as a pdf file.

1.1 Download

MCFM-10.3.tar.gz (January 2023)

Download and changelog for earlier versions of MCFM-10 and MCFM-9 are in sections 14.1 and 15.1 respectively. Versions prior to MCFM9 are available in section 16.

1.2 Documentation

Also relevant is the full list of processes (with links to web-pages for every process), where examples of input files can be found.